Run an Independent Hotel? Here's How to Improve Your Brand Value!

Run an Independent Hotel? Here's How to Improve Your Brand Value!

August 11, 2015
Run an Independent Hotel? Here's How to Improve Your Brand Value!

Hotels and bed and breakfasts live and die depending on how well their guests and staff are treated. Bad reviews and unhappy staff can sink a business. A Hotel Management System (HMS) can help with the daily operations, but you need to consider how the system will help you with improving and maintaining your level of service.

What independent hotels need is a tool to help understand their guests better and provide customized service. When considering implementing or changing HMS, it is essential to find a system that has these features in a quick and easy to use way.

We discussed in our earlier blog post Run an Independent hotel? Here’s How to Save Time and Increase Bookings, the need for an easy to use HMS that did not have obscure or unnecessary features that will bog down your processes. At the same time, you want to make sure that you have features that will allow you to stand out in the crowd of hotels competing for attention.

Consider these must-have features that will delight your guests:

Tailored Marketing

As a hotel manager, you know that running your hotel efficiently is only one part of increasing your hotel’s revenue. Increasing your bookings and maximizing your revenue from existing clients is just as important.

You can do this by creating personalized promotions based on your guest profiles and interests, sending them automated pre-arrival emails with targeted products and services, or sending them offers on important dates such as their birthday.

Besides increasing your sales, they will provide your guests with a better hotel experience.

Social Media Promotion

Most hotels have a Facebook or Twitter profile these days, but many lack a defined strategy that allows them to get the most out of their social media presence.

Social networks offer independent hotels new channels for publicity through which they can reach their audience and potential clients with whom they had no previous contact.

They are also a great platform for communication, but few hotels have adapted to the present-day expectations of real-time communication.

“39.6% of 25-34 year olds prefer search/social media to resolve a travel problem over working with customer service staff.”
Skift Travel, State of Travel 2014

The Solution

Besides day-to-day operations, when will you find the time to satisfy your current guests while trying to increase sales and communication with your brand? Consider a Hotel Management System that not only helps you running your hotel, but automatically allows you to improve your branding!

Tashi is unique in that it gives independent hotels the tools to easily manage their social media profiles. From our social media hub page you can

  • •Quickly view your Facebook page, Twitter feed and any time you have been mentioned by other Twitter users
  • •Keep track of your latest TripAdvisor reviews — allowing you to make sure you can respond in a timely fashion.
  • •Post promotions and specials across all your social media channels at once is our solution for independant hotels. We’ve especially designed based on the feedback of speaking to dozens of independent operators, we’ve focused on making the system powerful enough to run even large hotels, whilst keeping the interface so simple anyone can use it.

Below is a quick overview of our solution — if it sounds like something that can help your hotel, just visit to start a free trial today

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