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Guest Communications
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Great service starts with great communication

Building real relationships with your guests is key to giving them a five-star experience.

  • Help your staff stay on top of your guest communications with our Client Relationship Management (CRM) system.
  • One central place to keep your guest's communication history and trip preferences.
  • Engage your guests with customizable pre-arrival emails and post-stay surveys that send automatically.

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Learn more about your guests with surveys

Our flexible survey builder helps you learn about your guests before arrival and collect trust-worthy reviews.

  • Create a custom guest survey and send it in minutes.
  • We help you create perfect surveys so that you can build rich profiles about guests before they arrive.
  • Get guest feedback directly to you, with trip review requests that are personalized for your business.

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Earn more with personalized up-sells

Learn about your guests before they arrive so that you can offer them clever up-sells tailored to their interests.

  • First, send pre-arrival surveys to discover your guest's preferences. Customize the surveys how you like.
  • Segment your guests based on their answers. Inspect them by travel interests, nationality or language.
  • Then, send them offers tailored to their unique interests that convert.

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Automate tasks to save time and stop mistakes

Do your staff sometimes make simple mistakes? Automate your repetitive tasks to stop that happening.

  • Set up staff tasks to auto-create for every booking.
  • Automatically send booking confirmations, payment reminders, invoices, and welcome messages.
  • Auto-collect your testimonials with review requests that trigger when guests check out.

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Prevent bad guest reviews

90% of guests read online reviews before they book. That's why a bad review can really hurt your business.

  • Get continuous guest feedback in real-time so that you can identify poor guest experiences.
  • Auto-create smart staff tasks that will fix the issues guests highlight.
  • You'll resolve guest problems before they turn into a bad review.

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Deliver a unique guest experience, every time

You can deliver a personalized experience to every guest, regardless of your size or budget.

  • Learn more about your guests and ensure that your staff provide that extra personal touch.
  • Manage all of your online and offline guest interactions in one place.
  • Unlock the power of your guests’ data and deliver unforgettable experiences that delight.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer training and support? cross interface icon

Yes, Tashi's mission to help you succeed! We will help you get set up on the system so that you can start growing your business. Also, you'll have access to our advanced Tashi Learning Academy, where you can learn new skills and specific actions that you can take to market your business better online.

Yes! With a click, Tashi will automatically send confirmation emails to your guests - and any other types of emails. Prearrival and post stay.

You can customise the email templates and even send your own Guest Surveys and collect Reviews with Tashi's Guest Communications module.

Yes, the Tashi platform has an advanced 'Smart Staff Tasks' feature so the staff can create a list and mark each task as completed from their mobile device. You can also create reminders that can appear as notifications in your staff's smartphones.

Yes, the Tashi platform allows you to create as many accounts as you need for each one of your employees, manage their access in and see their recent activity to follow up.

Tashi puts you in full control of all elements of your products. You can determine every aspect, including the price, payment terms, the availability and the cancellation policy.

Yes. The Tashi platform is fully mobile responsive and hosted in the cloud. You can read, edit and navigate to any part of your account from any phone, tablet, laptop or computer.

Yes, with the Tashi platform you can customise your pricing to accommodate special rates for any periods, such as peak seasons or public holidays.

Yes, you can set up your account to support multiple currencies and have the values of each currency appear in your receipts.

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