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Your website should be your best sales channel. Tashi's Booking Engine enables your guests to book and pay you directly online.

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Booking Engine
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Tashi è considerato affidabile dagli operatori di viaggio di tutto il mondo

Accommodation providers and tour operators across the world partner with Tashi every day to grow their business.

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Boost revenue with direct bookings

Over 50% of guests who find you on a booking site (e.g. Tripadvisor) will check your website before booking. Tashi optimizes your website to convert those guests into direct bookings helping you escape high OTA commissions. Our secure Booking Engine allows you to take instant online payments and enforce deposit and cancellation policies.

  • Avoid high commissions from travel agents and online booking sites
  • Take bookings and payments with our Integrated Booking Engine
  • Real-time availability and pricing

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Secure online payments

Tashi's integrates with the world's leading payment gateways so you can take online payments in any currency securely. Select your preferred payment gateway, enter your details, and you're ready to start taking payments instantly.

  • Take deposits and enforce cancellation policies to reduce revenue loss from last-minute cancellations.
  • Your guest's data is protected with our robust technology.
  • No more IT headaches, we manage all hosting and provide free SSL security, so that guests trust your site.

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Easy website integration

Provide a seamless professional experience for your website visitors by adding Tashi's Hotel or Tours Booking Engine Widget. We provide clear instructions about how to install it on your current website, or it will be automatically integrated when you sign up for our website module.

  • Customize the font and colors to match your current website.
  • Allow guests to book directly without leaving your website.
  • Automatically installed when you use our Integrated Website Builder.

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Flexible rate plans

Tashi's Booking Engine supports all currencies and rates so that you can adjust and update your pricing to suit your guests and business needs.

  • Set up custom seasonal pricing to maximize revenue during peak periods and motivate guests to book during off-peak periods.
  • Set up personal type custom pricing. For example, offer standard rates or specific adult, child, pensioner pricing.
  • Manage multiple rate plans for your direct bookings, travel agent rates, online travel agent (OTA) rates in one place.

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Cross-sell extras and add-ons easily

Tashi's Booking Engine enables you to offer guests additional products and services as part of their booking.

  • Maximise your revenue by offering tailored upsells as part of the checkout.
  • Offer welcome gifts, tours, and activities to your guests.
  • Offer extra activities, commissionable accommodation options and more.

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Drive direct bookings and loyalty with promotions and coupons

Build guest loyalty and drive direct bookings with discounts and coupons. Avoid paying commissions to travel agents when your guests return. Tashi allows you to reward loyal guests and attract more direct bookings with discount coupons.

  • Use coupons to promote repeat bookings and run special promotions.
  • Set up advanced rules for coupons to create unique time-based offers.
  • Turn your guests into ambassadors promoting your business to their friends and families.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Booking Now buttons be integrated on my website? cross interface icon

Yes! You can list all of your products, their details or just the Book Now button and calendar for a product on its own page, or within an existing website page with Tashi Booking Engine. We provide a simple line of code that can be installed by your developer. Alternatively, the Tashi team are happy to install it for you!

Yes! Ask us about our custom travel website templates, which are ready for you to use. We customise them for your branding, pictures and products so that you can go start selling online quickly.

The Tashi team are experts in design and development of websites, and we can show you some examples. Please contact us at to request this service or more information.

Tashi puts you in full control of all elements of your products. You can determine every aspect, including the price, payment terms, the availability and the cancellation policy.

Yes, with a click, Tashi will automatically send confirmation emails with previously prepared text to your guests. You'll save time and develop a better relationship with your guest.

Yes, Tashi's mission to help you succeed! We will help you get set up on the system so that you can start growing your business. Also, you'll have access to our advanced Tashi Learning Academy, where you can learn new skills and specific actions that you can take to market your business better online.

Yes, you can set up your account to support multiple currencies and have the values of each currency appear in your receipts.

Yes. The Tashi platform is fully mobile responsive and hosted in the cloud. You can read, edit and navigate to any part of your account from any phone, tablet, laptop or computer.

Yes, visit the Insights section of Tashi to generate advanced analytics and reports on finances (income, expenses, cash flow, banking) and bookings (average booking value, guest purchases, revenue per booking, etc.).

Yes, with the Tashi platform you can customise your pricing to accommodate special rates for any periods, such as peak seasons or public holidays.

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