Rising Trend: Booking with Smartphones

Rising Trend: Booking with Smartphones

August 18, 2015
Rising Trend: Booking with Smartphones

Are you connecting to the “connected traveller?”

The term “connected traveller” is used for a traveller that has used their smartphone to book or plan at least part of their trip. The numbers may be larger than you think! A A TripAdvisor Study revealed recently that 42% of travellers worldwide are using their smartphones to book travel.
What does this mean for your hotel?

How do "connected travelers" behave?

The Study illustrated more than just user numbers; knowing how these types of travellers are using their mobile devices is crucial for hotels to know. The ease and availability of a smartphone allows for customers to be more efficient and smarter shoppers.

Here are different ways "connected travellers" are using their smartphones:

  • 37% book their lodgings during the actual trip
  • 64% use their device to read reviews
  • 34% want their hotel to offer mobile check-in
  • The number of travelers who use mobile apps to book and plan their trip is doubling every year

What you can do

The number of travelers becoming "connected" is increasing every year. In order to stay competitive, you need to attract and book these guests. Keep in mind these travelers are sensitive to reviews and accessible information.

In order to capture their attention, consider the following:

  • Make sure your site is attractive on all platforms
  • Offer a mobile friendly booking system on your site
  • Keep rates and availability updated on your own site and all booking engines
  • Maintain your social presence with positive reviews
  • If possible, offer automated processes

Don't get left in the dust! Make sure to accommodate this booking trend!

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