4 Common Types of Hotel Guests

4 Common Types of Hotel Guests

August 6, 2015
4 Common Types of Hotel Guests

Wouldn’t it be easier if all guests were the same?

We would be able to meet all of their expectations without changing anything. Life would be simple, and there would be no complaints. 5 star reviews would be easily received, and everyone would be happy. Unfortunately, the truth is, some tourists could not be more different from each other.

There should always be a standard of service provided, but different types of guests are going to have different expectations of their trip. As hotel managers and employees, it is important to be able to identify and attend to these different types.

Here are the 4 most common types of hotel guests:

1. Backpackers

Typically a younger crowd, these types of travelers are VERY price sensitive and will try to save as much as possible. They will be more interested in tourist sightseeing, popular shops and cafes, and local nightlife.

They will require as much information as possible about the local area, recommended offerings include maps and brochures for local tours, and typically free WIFI available will be the ultimate deal-breaker.

Work with local businesses to provide recommendations and possible discount offers in service.

2. Families

This type of tourist has probably planned this trip well in advance, and wants to maximize their time. They too will be more interested in tourist sightseeing, organized tours, and children friendly activities.

They will require local maps and tour information. This is a great opportunity to offer great value at no cost. Allowing your family guests to register for tours and to pay directly with you will be highly efficient and greatly appreciated.

If you don't sell tours, work directly with either a local travel or tour agent to set up half and full day tours that picks up guests directly in front of your locale.

3. Seniors

This tourist also will be interested in tourist sightseeing and organized tours, but will put more of an emphasis on staff assistance and transportation.

They will require local sightseeing information, but will also want easy to facilitate options. Having tours that pick up directly at the hotel will again be a plus, but also make sure to arrange any special transportation and tourist services for them at request. Also, it is very important to have a high level of customer service with this type of guest, and checking in on them throughout their stay will be highly appreciated.

If you don't offer tours, work with a local tourist agent will help facilitate easy tour options. Also, make sure that the staff checks on them to assist throughout their stay.

4. Business travelers

Highly valuable for city hotels, these types of travelers are less price-sensitive and put more value on convenience and efficiency. They will be interested in local transportation, food options, and hassle-free accommodations.

They typically will want to stay close to mass transit stations, conference and meeting centres, and/or large corporate offices. WIFI again will be a deal-breaker, but may even extend to request use of a printer or other office electronics. Most importantly, they will be more time-sensitive and will not want a time delay in any hotel interaction.

Have an efficient management system in place to ensure a quick check-in and to follow up with any requests. If possible, providing a business centre room will be a huge benefit.

Customizing customer service to attend to the different types of tourists can be confusing and time consuming. Tashi allows you to fully understand and adapt to each type of customer. You can also use Tashi to organize these bookings and tasks, preventing any delays.

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