Why Blogging Is Essential For Tour Operators

Why Blogging Is Essential For Tour Operators

March 11, 2020

Why Blogging Is Essential For Tour Operators

As a tour operator, you might also want to be interested in becoming a blogger. You read that right, it’s your time for you to show your expertise in one of the most effective ways online. Here, you’ll learn about the importance of being helpful and share content related to your tours and guides.

All of these efforts could help you organically reach travelers who want to get more information about the destinations you offer or are simply looking for a unique experience to get the opportunity to leave a powerful, positive and long-lasting mark on the places that they visit.

What is a blog?

Let’s get started on the basics, a blog can get defined as an online journal or informational website that displays content in the reverse chronological order, the latest posts showing up first. In a few words, it’s a platform where a writer or even a group of authors share their views on a particular subject in the form of blog posts.

Blogs are similar to websites, in fact, blogs are a type of website. The only major difference between them is that blogs are regularly updated with new content in a chronologically reversed order (new blog entries come first).

Why blogging is important to travel operators

It increases the chances of your business getting seen online: You boost the odds of getting a spot in the top rankings on the search engine results page when you have a blog and your website.

The most popular search engines promote regularly updated pages with fresh, accurate and valuable content that is relevant to the search query, this way you can reach those motivated travelers who are looking for activities or information about your destination.

Additionally, blogs can be easily shared on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter as social content. You can also encourage your audience to share your content by adding social media share buttons to your blog.

It allows you to interact with potential clients: Your blog should always have its commentary features enabled for travelers to add their own input, especially if you’d like them to frequently visit your site and read your posts.

Why? This feature will not only satisfy the people that comment but will also demonstrate your business’ commitment to delivering top-notch customer service after giving a peak to the interactions between you and other visitors.

It gives you a chance to improve your reputation online. Truth is... You could actually establish yourself as a leader in the tour and activity industry through your blog. Create posts that demonstrate your credibility, a few good examples would be posts about the latest industry news or how-to posts.

This won’t only help you connect with those who want to travel to the destinations available on your site, but could also help you develop distribution partnerships with agents who are interested in selling your products.

It lets you express your point of view. Your tour operator website should provide basic information on your products, such as tour descriptions, a gallery of photos, possibly even videos of your experiences and, with the help of a powerful booking software, a smooth booking experience.

Your blog should step in as a creative way of telling your audience the story behind your company. Publish short biographies of your employees or post about your company's history. Use your blog to connect with travelers in a more personal way.

After the reasons we’ve put together, we could agree that blogging is an important part of your strategy for branding online. Does your business already have a blog? Leave your comment down below!

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