What Travelers Consider When Choosing A Tourist Destination

What Travelers Consider When Choosing A Tourist Destination

March 11, 2020
What Travelers Consider When Choosing A Tourist Destination

What Travelers Consider When Choosing A Tourist Destination

Can you remember the factors that influenced your destination choice the last time you traveled? The activities, attractions, and events of the destination are a few of the most important elements that make tourists choose a location, with this in mind: Are you promoting the right products for your tour operator business?

Perhaps it might not sound as surprising, but events can lead to the exclusive purpose of traveling. Both international and domestic travelers have probably chosen a destination that you offer in order to visit an attraction or tour included in it.

Although most participants in events tend to be local, it can be a cultural opportunity for the traveler to participate. So, if your product is one of the most important factors in the reservation of your customer’s destination, which would be the best ways to advertise it?

  1. Online travel agents: Online travel agents, the obvious choice is a very important place for your company. Travelers can filter products on these sites depending on their destination, rating, cost, length and more.
  2. The National Tourist Office: It can be a wonderful partner with your company, as both international and domestic guests visit their website for advice and recommendations.
  3. In connection with similar searches: If you have an ongoing campaign, try to associate it with the popular search terms relating to your area, destination or target audience.

Often, the majority of passengers plan their trip with online travel agents. About 55% of travelers remember advertising they saw during online searches. You should, therefore, look for ways to work with online travel agents and manage to reach the top of the list of recommendations.

People spend weeks looking for destinations before booking, so you should advertise your products with anticipation. Your event, attraction or activity should differentiate itself from the rest way before your clients are in the location where it’s getting carried out.

You might wonder whether the choice of destination is truly driven by events, attractions, and activities since the majority of tickets could be sold the day before... Well, after confirmation of flights and accommodation, travelers can slowly book the rest of their plans, even if they have already created a robust daily plan.

This may be due to a number of reasons, maybe if the weather conditions are better for one activity at a different time, perhaps before booking, or they are waiting to meet others and decide which tour would be best... The possibilities are endless! However, events are usually booked much more in advance due to restrictions in capacity or planning.

While driving your bookings, keep in mind:

  • Remember that travelers are looking for convenience at the best price. To do so, work with an online booking software that helps you have a sufficient payment gateway, that you accept a variety of payment methods and that you have more channels of communication than just a phone number.

Pro-tip: Consider live chat support, it is a convenient, cost-effective solution that, most importantly, connect customers instantly with your business.

  • Make sure that your mobile-friendly website. Your site should also work just the same on laptops, tablets and more devices, more consumers are using smartphones to explore destinations and products, according to recent Digital Trends statistics.
  • Promote your products on several platforms. It is not sufficient to be advertised on Expedia, your customers could also be looking somewhere else. Doing extensive research on which reliable online travel agents you can work with could truly make a difference.
  • Analyze the tours your competitors are offering. After all, travelers are doing the same! Distinguish yourself and aim to offer everything you do plus a little more while you are aware of the price.

Finally, you can make use of large events in your area to make reservations. You can work with your regional, state and national tourist office in order to do this. Keep in mind future events and marketing activities to offer a compelling offer for your tour or activity.

Keep on promoting responsible experiences that can help tourists make a positive change while doing what they love the most. Your business can be the decisive factor in the choice of destination of conscious travelers, good luck!

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