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Website Health Check

Take your website’s pulse with Tashi’s Website Health Check

Tashi Website Builder for Tour Operators and Accommodation providers

Do you want to improve your website, but struggle to understand where and how to do it?

Building and improving websites can be a complicated task, especially with how fast things change online. If you manage it yourself, you have to keep up-date your skills, and if you engage a website developer, they can cost a lot of money.

Tashi’s Website Health Check will score your website against 2021’s standards for Hospitality and Tourism websites and see how Search Engine Optimized (SEO) it is.

After you complete the test, we’ll send you specific, actionable steps, based on your answers, that you can take today to improve your website’s performance and conversion.

Our 5 step process will assess:

  1. Speed
  2. User Experience
  3. Mobile Friendliness
  4. Content Flexibility
  5. Security

1: Speed

3 seconds - that’s how long you have to capture your website user’s attention before they look elsewhere. Crazy, we know! But speed is the most important reason users leave websites prematurely so you have to be aware of it.

We'll score how quickly your site loads on Desktop and Mobile.

How do you fix a slow website? There are some quick wins such as caching and image optimization. However, more substantial upgrades may be required. While it may cost you in time and money, in general, it's worth it because speed dramatically influences the conversation rate of your website.

2: User Experience

When a user visits your site they’ll be feeling excited because they’re getting ready to travel! Therefore, browsing your site and booking with you should be an enjoyable experience.

Travelers need to feel informed before booking. So, they should be able to learn everything about you, your products, your terms, your location and why you're amazing, from your website. When they're ready to book, it should be easy for them to contact you and book directly.

Therefore it’s important to consider how enjoyable your website experience is. The more enjoyable your website is, the more time a user will spend on it, and more likely it is that they will book.

This will have two huge benefits:

  1. Congratulations! You’ll have gotten a direct booking; and
  2. Google will recognize that your website is fulfilling its promise and they’ll reward you with a better page ranking when future travellers search for the types of experiences you offer.

3: Mobile Friendliness

It's 2021, so your website is fully compatible with a Mobile phone or Tablet, right? Well, Google strongly prefers those that are - so we hope so!

Two years ago, Google confirmed that they prefer to review and rank the mobile version of websites, over desktop versions. This dramatically impacts your SEO, so let's find out if your site is mobile friendly.

4: Content Flexibility

COVID-19 has shown that you have to be able to respond quickly to changing circumstances.

Engaging an external expert can be a great way to get a new website up and live. This is especially true if you're not comfortable with technology. However, if they charge a lot for every little change or don't return your calls when you need to update something, then you're in trouble.

Having the ability to update your website, effortlessly is critical to ensuring that your website visitors are kept informed.

Is your website easy to update? Can you do it yourself and how long does it take?

5: Security

    Travelers must trust your website to book direct with you online. Therefore, it's essential to communicate how their info will be kept secure.

    Also, Google really cares about secure your site is. For example, they became penalizing websites back in 2014 for now having SSL certificates. If your site does not have one they'll label your site as 'Not Secure' when travelers visit it.

    Is your website's security up to date?

    Tashi Website Health Check

    The Website Health Check takes about 10 minutes to complete. If you have a question, just drop us a message through our Chat Widget - we’re happy to help.

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