Tashi is a complete cloud based booking, accounting and hotel management system that personalises guest experience and eliminates errors. Tashi integrates with world wide booking and travel sites while providing cost-effective credit card solutions.

Help your clients move to Tashi and build their business while saving yourself time and earning worthwhile commissions. Even better for the first year we give you and extra 50% commission. Full 24 hour support service for both you and your clients.

For Hotel Consultants

Our easy to use system will help your clients run their hotels with fewer errors, greater efficiency and more personalised service. Moving  clients from paper based or dated, unreliable and complex computer systems to a fully integrated cloud based system can play a major role in developing profitability in both new and established hotel operations.

Tashi speeds the checkin and generates customers specific checklists for staff to follow that, along with our personalisation tools, enable the best possible guest experience and ensure good reviews on travel and booking sites. 

Our website builder makes it simple to build meaningful websites that encourage direct bookings, eliminating the high commissions charged by booking sites.

For Travel Agents and Booking Sites

We provide you with live room availability data for your partner hotels’ inventory and the ability to book instantly with their hotels. This makes it possible to book multiple rooms for tour groups with confidence.The booking  are automatically marked as coming from you making it easier to arrange commissions. Using our APIs you can integrate hotel details into your own website.

For Tourism and Hotel Associations

Tashi provides a website builder that will enable your members to promote both their own businesses and the whole region. From the smallest hotels and motels to large resorts  we can help your members take more direct bookings and avoid commissions.The increased customer satisfaction that comes from more efficient management boosts the reputation of your region for hassle free holidays. We can provide you with the ability to list and search hotel properties right on your own website and our survey tool will help you understand your visitors and their holiday requirements.

Our Sales Model

We have a comprehensive training program to help you get to know all the benefits and features of Tashi. We provide the strategies, templates and personal online and phone support 24 hours, seven days worldwide that make moving to Tashi a breeze.

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