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Tashi's 'Your Best Online Reseller' Quiz

There is an increasing number of online resellers and agents that want to showcase the best tours and activities the world has to offer.

As a tour operator, staying up to date with the newest and best online resellers can be very time-consuming, and it can be hard to know how to contact them.

Also, many online agents and resellers have a specific focus, and they can also be selective about who they work with.

If you are the right fit however, then you have the chance to get promoted to their customers and even become their preferred supplier in your region for a time.

What's involved?

Our Reseller Test takes just 2 minutes to complete and we'll match you with the Online Resellers that we think are a good fit for your company.

Your result will vary based on the profile of your company and the answers that you give.

After you complete the quiz, you'll receive detailed information about your recommended Online Resellers, and we'll help you get listed with them if you're a Tashi partner.

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