The best Channel Manager for your Hotel

Keep your rates and calendar for your Hotel in sync across all your sales channels and prevent double bookings.

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The best Channel Manager for your Hotel
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Tashi is trusted by Hotels around the world

Hotels, single and multi-property hotel groups, across the world use Tashi every day to grow their business.

Get bookings from 100+ sales channels for your Hotel

With Tashi, you don't have to be a technology expert to grow the online sales network for your Hotel.

  • We'll connect you to 100+ online agents for your Hotel.
  • Booking and guest data will automatically drop into your Tashi account, ready to manage.

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Sync your Hotel's online sales channels

More bookings don't have to mean more admin work for your Hotel.

  • Synchronize your calendar and availability across all sales channels with real-time updates. No more double bookings for your Hotel.
  • When you change your pricing in Tashi, it'll auto-update on all of your online sales channels.
  • Set minimum booking periods, seasonal pricing, offer upsells and promotional discounts to increase sales.

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Maximize your revenue, while saving time running your Hotel

You'll have more time to look for new sales opportunities with a system that saves you a serious amount of time while you run your Hotel.

  • We'll keep your online sales channels up-to-date automatically.
  • You can spend your time optimizing your listings, finding new channels and maximizing your revenue.
  • You can ensure that you're delivering great customer experiences that win you five-star reviews.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Hotel Channel Manager? cross interface icon

You can use our Channel Manager to manage your Hotel's listing on multiple online travel marketplaces from one simple platform. We will also help you get listed on the most significant online travel agents (OTAs) so that you can boost your bookings. We connect you to over 200 online sales channels through our Hotel Channel Manager.

We offer free onboarding and 24/7 help so that you can connect your hotel to over 200+ potential online sales channels with Tashi. You'll prevent double bookings and keep your availability and rates in sync across all of your online sales channels with Tashi's Hotel Channel Manager.

Your availability will be synced between your Hotel Booking Engine and the online sales channels (OTAs) connected to your Hotel Channel Manager.

You can choose to display different rates between your Hotel Booking Engine and the OTAs connected to your Hotel's Channel Manager, or you can keep the prices the same.

You're always in control with Tashi's Channel Manager and Booking Engine.

Tashi connects to over 200 major Online Travel Agents (OTAs), including, Airbnb, Agoda, Tripadvisor, CTrip, Expedia and more through our Hotel Channel Manager.

Check out our complete OTA integrations list.

To prevent double bookings, the availability shown on your Hotel's website will be automatically updated based on the data that is synced through your Channel Manager. If you receive a booking through a connected OTA, for example, then the availability shown on your website will automatically update, in real-time, so that your Hotel's Website is always showing the most up to date availability.

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