The best Booking Engine for your Airbnb

Guests want to book your Airbnb direct, so let's make it easy. Start taking direct bookings and secure payments on your website with Tashi.

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The best Booking Engine for your Airbnb
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Tashi is trusted by Airbnbs around the world

Airbnbs across the world use Tashi every day to grow their business.

Grow your Airbnb's direct bookings

Over 50% of guests that find you on a booking site (e.g. Tripadvisor) will also check your website before booking your Airbnb.

  • You'll convert those lookers into bookers with an online booking engine that lets them book direct. Avoid high agent commissions.
  • Guests can also enquire to confirm availability if you can't offer instant bookings.
  • Enforce minimum stays periods or group sizes and restrict dates at your Airbnb as needed.

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Get paid online, hassle-free

We're partnered with the world's leading payment gateways so that your Airbnb can get paid online.

  • Choose from our 7+ payment gateway partners. We'll help you get set up with one-on-one support.
  • Take deposits, payments in advance and enforce your Airbnb's cancellation policies to minimize your Airbnb's loss from last-minute cancellations.
  • Payments are safe and your guest's data is protected with our secure technology.

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Easy website integration

Creating and installing your Airbnb booking engine is easy. We'll help you install it with our one-on-one support and you can personalize it to your Airbnb's brand so that it fits right in.

  • Customize the font and colors of your booking engine to match your Airbnb's website.
  • Your guests can book your Airbnb directly without leaving your website. You'll provide a seamless experience.
  • The booking engine comes auto-installed when you use our Website Builder.

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Flexible rate plans

You can customize your Airbnb's rate plans to suit your business and we support all currencies.

  • You can use seasonal pricing, extended stay discounts, early-bird and last-minute deals to motivate guests and maximize revenue.
  • Offer different Airbnb pricing depending on the guest type. Custom pricing for adults, children or pensioners.
  • You can have multiple rate plans for different sales channels. Customize your Airbnb's rates for your direct bookings, agents and others.

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Sell add-ons in your checkout

As well as your main products, you'll be able to offer extra products and services in your check out.

  • You can maximize your Airbnb's revenue by offering personalized upsells as part of the checkout.
  • Sell welcome gifts, tours, and activities to your guests.
  • You'll have total flexibility to offer whatever extra products and services you want in the checkout.

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Use promotions and coupons to boost bookings

Run promotion campaigns and let guests use their coupons in your checkout to drive more direct bookings for your Airbnb.

  • Promote repeat bookings, referrals and run special marketing campaigns and promotions.
  • You're in control with advanced coupon rules. Set date-based offers, min/max usage and stay periods.
  • Create campaign-specific coupons to track your Airbnb's marketing return on investment (ROI).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Airbnb Booking Engine? cross interface icon

A Airbnb Booking Engine is an application on your Airbnb's website that lets you accept commission-free direct online reservations and payments.

A Airbnb Booking Engine can be embedded into your website, and it will pass all booking, guest and payment information through to your Property Management System (PMS).

You can easily install your Airbnb Booking Engine by generating your personal website code from your Tashi account. If you're not sure how to do so, we're happy to help.

Yes! - COVID has changed traveler's expectations when it comes to booking and paying for things online. They're used to buying their clothes, groceries and also travel online.

If you want to compete against your competitors, you'll need to offer the features that good Airbnb Booking Engine provides

You need a Airbnb Booking Engine because it will enable you to offer:

  • 24/7 booking availability for your Airbnb
  • Live availability and prices for your Airbnb
  • Seamless online booking experiences that's mobile-friendly
  • Coupon use as part of the checkout
  • Extra add-ons, products and services in the checkout
  • Online payments processing for your Airbnb
  • Automatic confirmation guest notifications

The main benefit of a Airbnb Booking Engine is that it enables you to get direct bookings. However, with the right Airbnb Booking Engine you'll also:

  • Track your Google Ads and Facebook Ad conversion metrics
  • Increase your Airbnb's website booking conversions and improve the guest booking experience
  • Increase your Airbnb's revenue by selling Extra add-ons, products and services as part of the Booking process
  • Save staff admin time through increased automation
  • Get the right data so you can make better decisions for your Airbnb.

Yes! Tashi's Airbnb Management System has a Booking Engine automatically built-in so that you can get more direct bookings and payments.

You can also offer flexible rate plans, sell add-ons in your checkout, and use coupons to boost bookings.

You can use Airbnb Booking Engine on your own website by easily adding our Direct Bookings Widget or through our integrated Airbnb Website Builder.

Yes! You can easily embed our Airbnb Booking Engine on any website.

You can create your personal Airbnb Booking Engine widget code in Tashi and install it on any website. It works with WordPress, Joomla, SquareSpace, Wix or any custom website.

If you're not sure how to install it, you can send instructions to your developer from Tashi, or we're delighted to install it for your Airbnb. Just ask!

Yes! We integrate with the world's leading online payment gateways so that your Airbnb can get paid online, hassle-free.

Check out Integrations page for the full list of our Payment partners.

Your availability and rates will be synced between your Airbnb Booking Engine and the online sales channels (OTAs) connected to your Airbnb Channel Manager.

You can choose to display different rates between your Airbnb Booking Engine and the OTAs connected to your Airbnb's Channel Manager, or you can keep the prices the same.

You're always in control with Tashi's Channel Manager and Booking Engine.

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