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A unique vision brought to life

XpatPAL has a unique vision for a new type of travel booking experience and a mission to transform ordinary trips into extraordinary personalized ones.

XpatPAL are transforming the way people travel by connecting travelers with like-minded local expats for personalized recommendations. Expats have a unique perspective of a location because they arrive as visitors but establish themselves as ‘locals’ through their daily activities. They’re also regular tour guides when their family and friends visit, so they have a good understanding of what visitors want to see.

Having explored various options, they signed up with Tashi to accelerate their go to market process and streamline their tech operations with an experienced partner they could trust.

How Tashi Helped

Tashi worked with the XpatPal team to bring their unique vision online and empower their PALs.

Through a detailed ideation process, we incorporated XPatPAL’s requirements into the Tashi platform so that travellers could learn about the PALs, and their recommendations and ultimately reach out to book services.

PALs have public profiles where they can highlight their expertise and experiences. Users can explore their offerings by experience or by PAL and enquire or book services when ready.

Users have their own profiles and can message XpatPAL and the PALs via the platform to make bookings, communicate and connect.

To ensure that each user gets 5-star service through the platform, XpatPAL has full transparency on the messages exchanged and if any users try to share phone numbers or emails, Tashi automatically blocks them out.

XpatPAL’s operations team has an advanced dashboard where they can set up and monitor their PALs, and manage their bookings and services.

Learn more about Tashi's Travel Marketplace Platform.


To learn more about XpatPAL and to find your ex-part guide to Europe, visit xpatpal.com

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