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Description is an online travel marketplace and community of local travel organisations that offer unique ethical experiences. They are committed to building a community of local changemakers that can connect with the growing number of conscious travellers.

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Lessons had been learned the hard way

Clean Travel first launched in 2017 using a WordPress template and a suite of paid plugins. However, they quickly realized that while WordPress can offer good functionality initially, it also brings massive performance, expensive self-hosting requirements, and ongoing maintenance costs and bugs.

Too much time was spent resolving these bugs and performance issues and the supplier management and administrative part of the marketplace were too manual and completely unscalable.

Mac, the co-founder of Tashi, is also the founder of Clean Travel and he shared the 3 Top (hard) lessons he learned launching Clean Travel - including the technical issues he encountered, HERE.

How Tashi Helped

Clean Travel was re-launched on Tashi’s marketplace platform with a scalable solution that provides a great user experience for both travellers and suppliers.

Travellers can explore the experiences via an intuitive site that showcase what matters. Powerful search features put the users in control of how they discover experiences with text, location, tag, price, duration based search and filters throughout the beautiful site.

Clean Travel’s suppliers can now self manage their listings via the marketplace extranet, powered by Tashi so that they can keep their products, pricing and availability up to date. Manually uploading and maintaining experience listings are a thing of the past for the Clean Travel team.

Also, through the marketplace admin Dashboard, the Clean Travel team get a helicopter view of all suppliers, bookings, guests and payments with advanced reporting functionality that provides quick insights.

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