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AppOriginee works with numerous indigenous experiences and local tour operators to help you immerse yourself into the natural wonders of the Australian landscape.

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A modern apporach for a marketplace that showcases ancient culture

Apporiginee had been offering a select number of indigenous experiences on a generic website with a tour booking software plugin for a few years.

However, the basic nature of the site was restricting their growth and the cost of developing their own platform in-house was not feasible.

How Tashi Helped

Apporiginee worked with Tashi to re-launch on our marketplace platform with a visually unique site that showcased their cutting edge indigenous brand.

Our partner centred approach to marketplace design put them in control and ensured that their local suppliers were front and centre and that travellers were motivated to book.

A map-based search page with a drag and click motion lets users explore the available experiences with ease on desktop or mobile.

Apporiginee’s operations team use their marketplace administrative portal to manage received from their marketplace as well as set up the communications flow to ensure their guests get a personalized experience.

Learn about Tashi's Travel Marketplace platform.


Visit for immersive experiences from indigenous Australia partners.

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