Willka T’ika, Peru

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Willka T’ika, Peru
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Willka T’ika, Peru

Willka T’ika, Peru

Willka T’ika is a luxury lodge and sanctuary located between the world heritage site of Machu Picchu and the Incan capital of Cusco.

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The luxury retreat that was everyone's 'secret' getaway

Willka T’ika offers high-end experiences to discerning guests who want to Rejuvenate, relax, and cultivate their wellbeing in their exquisite eco-friendly sanctuary located between the world heritage site of Machu Picchu and the Incan capital of Cusco.

Those how knew about them, loved them! Word of mouth was Willka T’ika's strongest sales channel, and they got great reviews. However, while they were grateful for the support, as a business, they wanted to grow. They knew that they should be selling more online, but they didn't know how to do that and what to do to make it successful.

Willka T’ika wanted to move from being everybody's secret to a well-known treasure.

How Tashi Helped

Tashi Booking Engine and Channel Manager

Willka T’ika's website, while beautiful, didn't allow guests to book them directly online. They were still relying on agent bookings and paying rising commission as a result, even for repeat bookings and guest referrals. Tashi installed a powerful Booking Engine on their website, that, when combined with Tashi Coupon Manager, drove a sharp increase in direct bookings, which saved them $25,000 in commissions in 1 year!

Willka T’ika was not selling their beautiful lodge on Online Travel Agents (OTAs) when they signed up with Tashi. So we instantly got them listed on booking.com, Expedia, Tripadvisor and all other important global and regional OTAs.

This has an immediate impact, and they were able to boost their reservations by expanding their sales channels.

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Tashi Hotel Management

With more bookings, comes more work! Tashi Hotel Management helped Willka T’ika stay on top of their administration and staff management, all while maintaining their high guest service.

They were able to manage all of their room rates, occupancy updates, seasonal pricing and stop sell from the Tashi's Front Desk Hub with updates automatically syncing with their new sales channels via the Channel Manager.

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    Tashi Guest Communications

    Willka T’ika run of the most enjoyable retreats and experiences in their area but you can only sell them to guests if they know about them! Tashi Guest Communications helped them to promote additional products and services on top of the accommodation, with relevant suggested up-sells based on the guest's preferences.

    They learned about their guests before they arrived by sending them pre-arrival surveys using Tashi's Survey Builder and then actioned those insights by using Tashi's Smart Staff Task builder. This ensured that their staff made the right suggestion to the right guest. For example, prior to their arrival, they knew to up-sell a guest on a relaxing hike and picnic, to the guest that loves nature and food.

    By managing their guest notifications, enquiries, pre-arrival requests and collecting their post stay reviews in one central Guest CRM they were able to boost their already great reviews to an incredible 4.9 out of 5 average on Google reviews and 5 Stars on Trip Advisor with over 275 reviews.

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      Willka T'ika
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