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Uganda Community Tourism Association

The Ugandan Community Tourism Association (UCOTA) is a sustainable tourism organization in Uganda that provides a platform for local communities to market themselves and attract more guests.

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Airbnb for Ugandan Community Home-stays

The Ugandan Community Tourism Association (UCOTA) are a Not For Profit organisation and network of over 100 homestays run by locals for the betterment of local communities in rural Uganda.

It's directors and staff's aim is to provide its members and leverage tourism as a force for good in their villages.

Some homestay hosts are more technology-savvy than others, and they've traditionally received bookings via word of mouth, Facebook and the major online travel agents OTAs like Airbnb.

While there was a mix of websites online, they lacked focus, clarity and modern features to enable interested travellers to contact them and book directly.

In collaboration with Felex Kamalha, the coordinator for UCOTA, and their hosts, the Tashi team worked with the individual members of UCOTA to bring their businesses online.

In the Pearl of Africa, these authentic homestays in Uganda are hidden gem, waiting to be uncovered online by travellers interested in contributing to the communities they visit.

How Tashi Helped

Tashi Website Builder

Tashi set up every interested member of UCOTA with a beautiful new website, that enabled to get found online and start taking direct bookings.

UCOYA members have authentic homestays in some of the most rural parts of Uganda, so what they are offering is very unique. Their websites needed to reflect them and their community while being professional looking and modern.

Now travelers, seeking these spots online had a trustworthy website they could book in advance with while maintaining that personal connection with the hosts.

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If you already have a website, learn about Tashi Booking Engine

Tashi Property Management

Tash's Property Management system helped the managers of each of the properties in the UCOTA community stay on top of their bookings, guest payments and calenders.

It took their operations to the next level, ensuring that they continue to serve as the perfect place to spend a few nights in rural Uganda.

While many members of UCOTA were inexperienced users of technology, they found Tashi each to use and update, due to its friendly design and extensive help content.

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Check out one of UCOTA's members, Blue Star Homestay at

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