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Omenzi Tours
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Omenzi Tours

Omenzi Tours

Omenzi Tours and Safaris is a Mobile Safari Company based in Botswana. Omenzi’s founders, Gake and Mike Tebogo were born and raised in the Okavango Delta. They both gained vast experience with boutique safari companies before striking out on their own. They specialise in photographic safaris and personalized itineraries for international travellers.

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Professional and Experienced, ready to go solo

Gake and Mike Tebogo are experienced tourism professionals, having worked with some of Botswana's most prestigious tour and safari companies. However, after serving their time with other companies, they decided that the time had come for them to strike out on their own. They had the knowledge and dedication to ensure that their clients would get the best that Botswana has to offer.

Omenzi are experts in logistics, tour planning, and agent relations, but they were missing a technology partner that could help them get up and running online with minimal fuss.

They had tried multiple local companies to help them with their website but to no avail.

Also, they were new to the world of Online Travel Agents (OATs), so they were eager to work with Tashi to learn about the new global sales channels that they could find online.

How Tashi Helped

Tashi Website Builder

Firstly, Tashi designed and built a new website for Omenzi Tours. They were able to showcase their story and experience, beautiful images and then also highlight their itineraries and destinations.

Omenzi only provides clients with personalised itineraries for tailored trips. They don’t sell pre-packaged tours for a set price. Therefore, it was important that Omenzi could learn about their potential clients before they quoted them for trips.

Omenzi uses Tashi’s ‘Enquire Now’ engine to let clients submit their interests in terms of travel plans and budget. All of the information comes straight into Tashi. Once they’ve gotten their contact details, they are ready to engage and impress them with their travel designing skills.

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Tashi Tour Management

Tashi's Tour Management helps Gake and Mike take the enquires they receive from their website and create a beautiful processional proposal that is tailored to each client.

Using Tashi's Quote feature, Omenzi can quickly create these custom Quotes and send them to clients, all online and all from inside Tashi. Once the client has reviewed their proposal, they can confirm their booking and pay via the online Booking Engine.

Using Tashi's central system for all of their clients means that Omenzis are always on top of logistics, and they are able to share their itinerary information with their drivers and other team members when required.

Omenzi is set up and ready to grow their sales online while maintaining that very important personal touch with their valued clients.

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