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Ghana Experience
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Ghana Experience

Ghana Experience

Ghana Experience offer half and full-day tours and activities in Accra and the surrounding area. Experienced operators, they were looking to reduce their dependency on the large OTAs.

Accra, Ghana
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Ghana's premier booking platform for Tours, Activities and Attractions

Eric, the founder of Ghana Experience is an experienced tour operator that has built his team and company from the business he got from the large online tour marketplaces like Viator, TripAdvisor, Airbnb and Expedia. While grateful, he was ready to take the next steps and start building his own brand so that he could get more direct bookings.

He explored other general website platforms, like GoDaddy and WordPress but found them that they were not suited to his particular needs as a tour operator. He needed more than a website.

He was looking for a place to showcase his tours online and also manage his bookings and guests. He learned about Tashi and after sharing his vision for Ghana Experience with us, we worked closely with him to make the new upgraded online home for Ghana Experience a reality.

How Tashi Helped

Tashi Website Builder

Eric from Ghana Experience is an advanced technology user, so he didn’t require a lot of help getting his new website site up. He signed up for his 14 days Free Trial and got going building his new website straight away. Eric selected our ‘Lorne’ website template and started adding his About Us information. Once Eric added his tour products, city, walking and nature tours on Tashi and they were automatically added to his website in the Tours section.

His tours are half and full-day tours, so Eric wants to charge clients in advance when they book. Tashi connected him to Flutterwave, the Africa specific payment gateway we integrate with, and Eric was able to sign up and get verified in one day. Through the Tashi and Flutturwave integration Eric was able to accept payments online directly from his guests.

There are two ways that this is better than relying on OTAs. Firstly, he received the funds straight away to his bank account and didn’t have to wait to receive them after the experience and secondly, he didn’t have to pay the 15-25% commission rates that they all charge. He makes a higher profit and gets paid straight away.

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Tashi Guest Communications

Ghana Experience like to offer additional products and services to their guests, such as airport pick up or drop off or local accommodation. However, managing these requests and understanding what kinds of things they’d like has always been very time-consuming.

With Tashi’s Guest Communications module, Ghana Experience can get to know their guests before they arrive by sending them a pre-arrival guest Survey that asks about their interests and ideas for their time in Ghana. Eric and his team then use these insights to upsell their guests on related products and services. This means that they are maximising their revenue guest while also providing personalised service to the guest that they appreciate.

After they depart, Ghana Experience automatically sends a Trip Review form to their guests via Tashi that collects their feedback, which can be then posted on Tripadvisor, Google or Facebook for future clients to see.

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Tashi Tour Management

Ghana Experience uses Tashi Tour Management as their central database for the bookings they receive directly, from agents and other online marketplaces. It’s their one source of trust for Eric and his team members.

They use it to review bookings, add guest information, attach documents and also track payments. For example, what guest owes what amount for each tour and when the final payment is due.

They provide account permission to different staff members so that everyone can use the database to access booking and guest information. While the managers have full access to everything, including payment information, for others, the information is restricted to what they need to know. For example, drivers can access the guest information that is related to their bookings only. This means that everyone on the Ghana Experience team gets to learn about their guest so that they can provide that extra special personal touch.

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