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Extremely Wild Safaris offer memorable tailor-made safaris across South Africa. Established in 2010, it’s owner Isa, is an experienced and passionate guide with a deep love for nature and wildlife.

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The nature lover with a passion for wildlife.

Isa, the owner of Extremely Wild Safaris has over 13 years experience in guiding and leading trips across Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia. It’s their mission to ensure that their clients have a truly memorable safari experience. Therefore, the client experiences are of paramount importance.

While Isa is an expert guide and tour operator, he’s not as experienced in online sales and managing his website and marketing. He was looking to take his business to the next level when he came to Tashi.

We knew that he had the right ingredients to grow, so we planted the seed and working closely with him to make it happen.

How Tashi Helped

Tashi Tour Management

We set Extremely Wild Safaris up with Tashi Tour management that enables them to have a central place to manage their products, bookings and guests.

A lot of Extremely Wild Safari’s trips are tailored to their client’s specific budgets and itineraries. Therefore, Isa creates tailored itineraries and sends personalized quotes to his clients with Tashi, using our Quotes Feature. When they’re ready, the clients book and pay Isa directly using the integrated booking engine so that he’s paid up in full ahead of their arrival.

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Tashi Website Builder

Isa was struggling to find a website developer to make this dream site come alive. However, with Tashi, he was able to select from one of our SEO optimized templates and personalise it to his brand to go live in no time. While Isa is not a tech expert or a coder, he found Tashi’s Website Builder easy to use. He was able to add his Tour products, his About Us content, images, reviews and contact information himself through the Tashi system.

As operators of tailor-made safaris, Extremely Wild Safaris want their clients to enquire with him ahead of booking many of his itineraries. Therefore, they use Tashi’s Enquire Now booking engine to record the client’s interest, such as itinerary, dates, budget and group size. They then use this to create a tailored itinerary and quote that he shares with them via Tashi.

He has the best of both worlds - he lets clients book and pay for shorter trips instantly online, while for the longer, more expensive itineraries he enables them to enquire about it so that he can customise it to their requirements.

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Tashi Website Builder

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Visit https://extremelywild.net to explore your new adventure in Southern Africa.

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