Sell on FarCloser Travel with Tashi

Sell on FarCloser Travel with Tashi

August 10, 2020

What is FarCloser Travel

FarCloser Travel is a distribution platform for tour and cruise operators that offer multi day, pre-packaged trips to their guests. They work with companies from all over the world who offer quality, unique travel options. Farcloser Travel connects travelers with local multi-day tours operators for more life-enriching holidays.

Their objective is to support the destination’s communities and to connect local operators with travelers seeking authentic, life-changing experiences with the companies providing them.

So, if you’re a local tour operator and that wants to show off your destinations by offering authentic experiences, this is the platform for you to get listed on!

Why sell on Farcloser

What differentiates FarCloser Travel from other platforms is that they only promote local businesses on their website. This means that you won’t have to compete with other big companies offering tours and activities in your region. This is your time to shine! Read now the most important benefits they offer tour operators:

  1. Free Sign-Up: Joining the FarCloser Travel community is fairly simple, and free! The main thing that they want to know is “what makes your trips unique” and you’ll also need to describe your ideal guest.
  2. Easy Browsing: Farcloser Travel users can easily filter options based on travel preferences, interest, and budgets and see the results on a map to be able to compare tours with more clarity. This means, that travelers looking through the platform already have a pretty good idea of what they’re looking for and once they’ve found you
  3. Prove your expertise as a local: Travelers browsing through this platform seek authentic local experiences. So, use your expertise to show off your destinations and help tourists create a fun and exciting holiday.

Things to remember

FarCloser Travel is convinced that local businesses know their region the best. FarCloser not only wants to create a community of like-minded travelers who want to learn, share, support and inspire each other to take the road less travelled.

They also want local tour operators to succeed and support the communities they live and work in. The goal are local experiences that are rich and authentic and positively impact the life of travelers and locals.

  1. Service Fee: Once a booking is confirmed, guests are charged and you are paid 14 days after the trip starts, minus a 10% service fee. There are no other commissions you’ll have to pay.
  2. Positive impact: They love partnering with niche operators. It is important that you’re a local business owner and make a positive difference in your destination.
  3. Easy set-up: With FarCloser Travel travelers are promised to have an easy booking for an authentic trip. Once your expression of interest has been approved you’ll get an account where you can easily upload all your data and trips.

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