Sell on with Tashi

Sell on with Tashi

August 10, 2020

What is is an online marketplace based in Lisbon, Portugal. They offer sightseeing tours, excursions, attractions and events in hundreds of destinations worldwide. On their website, you can find thousands of activities to do in more than 60 countries.

Their goal is that tourists can have the best holiday possible and that they can see the destinations through the eyes of a local, meaning that they want to offer authentic tours and activities.

Why sell on experitour focuses on helping travelers to quickly discover activities, attractions and things to do nearby. Their vision is to connect tourists on life-enriching travel experiences conducted by a simple-to-use platform that provides users with everything they could possibly wish for on their vacations.

The main advantage experitour offers to its tour operators is the potential to reach a wider audience. Here, some more reasons on why you should get listed:

  1. Great customer service: This online travel agency has a 24/7 support schedule in five different languages. This allows travelers to have a conversation in their native language which builds trust and confidence as it is natural for customers to feel more comfortable reading articles or exploring products in their own language.
  2. Translation services: As mentioned above, international customers can choose their own language. Experitour takes care of translating your products with their international team. They work in English, Portuguese, German, Spanish and French. This means that you can simply use their translations and use them on your own website! That way they increase the chances for your tours and activities to appeal to a greater number of travelers.
  3. Product optimization: With experitour your content is examined and optimized by SEO experts to broaden your search results and views. This ensures you reach a wider audience and your visibility ultimately will be increased.
  4. Free sign-up: Signing up on experitour is free of charge. Only once a booking is made you’ll have to pay a commission.
  5. Benefit from their high traffic: As OTA’s typically get a lot of traffic you can test different variations of your offers and see which ones perform better. You can then use that insight to improve your products on your own website.

Things to remember

  • Payment: There is no registration fee. You’ll only need to pay a commission once a booking is made!

Interested in working with experitour? Contact us to learn how Tashi can help you get set up.

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