Sell on Civitatis with Tashi

Sell on Civitatis with Tashi

August 10, 2020

What is Civitatis

Civitatis is an OTA (Online Travel Agency) and was established in 2008. They are the leading online distribution company of Spanish-speaking activities, excursions and guided tours in the world. Civitatis is made up of 30,000 activities offered by 3,500 suppliers in 1100 destinations in more than 100 countries worldwide.

So, if you’re seeking more Spanish-speaking tourists this is the OTA for you!

Why sell on Civitatis

Civitatis is the leader in the Spanish market, but also sells many tours to the English, French, Italian and Portuguese markets. Therefore, their customer service is offered in these five languages. They have a total of around 4 million clients per year, meaning they have almost 11.000 visitors a day!

  1. Be the first choice for your destination: Civitatis never publish the same product or activity in a destination with two different suppliers. This might make it difficult to get listed, but once you are listed this means you’ll get all of the traffic directed to your company!
  2. No minimum stay: On this OTA you can offer all the tours and activities you want. From a simple transfer, over half-day tours to multiple-day tours, you chose!
  3. Benefit from their high traffic: As OTA’s typically get a lot of traffic you can test different variations of your offers and see which ones perform better. You can then use that insight to improve your products on your own website.
  4. Reach a wider audience: It’s difficult to compete with big companies on major channels like Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Getting listed will increase your visibility and help you reach a wider audience.

Things to remember

Civitatis’ website contains a rich portfolio of tours and activities across the world, and as mentioned before, they only list new tours and activities. This means that you won’t get listed on their website unless you offer a new or better option than their current supplier.

Before joining them, there are some more things tour operators should take into account:

  1. Documents needed: You'll need a copy of your company registration, as well as the proof of the bank account holder and possession of the corresponding liability insurance to sign up with them.
  2. Payment: Once a booking has been made through Civitatis you’ll receive the money minus the commission you have negotiated with them. There are no other fees for uploading or maintaining products.
  3. Minimum Permanence Period: There is no minimum permanence period. The collaborations can be ended by both parties at any time.

Interested in working with Civitatis? Ask us how we can help you get set up.

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