Sell on BigAdventureMap with Tashi

Sell on BigAdventureMap with Tashi

August 10, 2020

What is BigAdventureMap

Big Adventure Map sells adventure sports around the world. They categorize their products into sports categories such as paragliding, surfing, MTB, trekking, kitesurfing, and climbing.

BigAdventureMap is a new OTA from the UK and their target customers are from the UK and Europe.

Why sell on BigAdventureMap

BigAdventureMap is an OTA that offers outdoor adventure activities creating life-lasting memories. Therefore, it’s a great marketplace to be listed on if you’re offering sports activities of any kind!

  1. No registration fees: You can sign up for free! To start the partnership, it's only required to fill out a form that takes a couple of minutes to complete. Registering is quick and easy and can be done in a few simple steps.
  2. Reach a wider audience: Simply fill in your details, upload photos and you’ll be showcased to their audience.
  3. Increase your bookings: If your products are similar to BigAdventureMap’s focus of outdoor activities then listing with them will expose you to more potential customers which could leave to more bookings.

Things to remember

BigAdventureMap is a new online marketplace for adventure sports around the globe. We've listed a couple of points that are important to acknowledge before you get registered:

  1. Prices: The prices of your tours and activities on BigAdventureMap must match the prices your business has set on other platforms, for example, your website. On the other hand, the actual prices of your experiences could be lower on this platform.
  2. Payment provides only two payout methods for Partners, PayPal or Bank transfer. However, Bank transfer might not be available in your country. So make sure before signing up you have one of the payment methods above or contact BidAdventureMap.
  3. Commission: They take 5% commission and a 2.5% transaction fee. That means that you get to keep 92.5% of the advertised activity price.
  4. Cancellation: You have to notify the team of your specific Cancellation policy. If you don’t, it will be dealt with on a default basis.
  5. Listings: It is your responsibility to ensure that all your details, availability, content and prices are up-to-date and accurate. BigAdventureMap may edit your listing in any form after you have uploaded your products. It is important to note that it is your obligation to ensure that all changes made by them are accurate.

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