Sell on Travelade with Tashi

Sell on Travelade with Tashi

August 24, 2020

What is Travelade

Travelade is a new travel startup from Iceland that wants to make travel more personal.

The online travel platform allows tourists to discover, plan, and book authentic holiday activities by providing them with the world’s largest collection of crowdsourced travel guides. Their goal is to become a platform for people who are helping people to travel, to curate and share their guides.

Travelade not only sells day trips and tours but also allow locals to create recommendations in the form of “wanderguides” and give local insights from all across the world to help tourists discover hidden gems.

Why sell on Travelade

Travelade is quite different from other OTA’s as they focus on their wanderguides where locals can recommend things to do in their destination.

They are not trying to curate themselves or to market themselves to the travelers, rather they try to publish local, authentic travel guides on their platform. But before you upload your own wanderguide recommending your own tours, here some things to bear in mind:

  1. Free marketing: You want to showcase your local destination expertise and Travelade wants that too! Travelade wants to help travelers find the perfect activities to do and all the best spots the destination has to offer. This allows you to promote your destination to display your own tours!
  2. Worldwide exposure: Travelade targets travelers worldwide, which will help you reach new customers and increase your bookings!

Things to remember

Travelade is a great additional platform to be listed on as it not only allows you to upload your products and create wanderguides promoting your destination including your tours. It also allows other travelers to upload their ideal wanderguides and promote your tours, which means free marketing for you!

Here, some more things you should know:

  • Travelade is open in 40 countries and offers a great range of tours in each of these destinations. If you are outside of these 40 countries, you’ll need to discuss with Travelade if they’re interested in expanding their list of countries.
  • It is possible to embed the Wanderguide on your own website. That will showcase your tours in a different light, as the wanderguides focus on the overall experience and shows all possible tours in a destination. It allows tourists to see all the things they can do and book with you in one destination.
  • Travelade lists all their products in US$ and travelers can only pay in that currency. Therefore, it is likely that you can only receive money in US$.

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