Sell on Tabl with Tashi

Sell on Tabl with Tashi

August 10, 2020

What is tabl.

This online marketplace was created in association with the UK Food and Drink Awards, showcasing food and drink experiences all around the globe. They currently have 15 different countries they sell tours in and are always looking for new unique food and drink experiences to add.

More and more tourists choose their destination based on food and drinks and it therefore has become a motivator for many travelers

Visitors can choose food and drink tours, cooking classes, wine tours, brewery and distillery tours, vegan and vegetarian tours and experiences with celebrity chefs.

Why sell on tabl.

Tabl. has been built for people who have a passion for food and drink. Their marketplace is easy to use, and travelers can easily filter their search by destination, experience or by simply filtering down to a specific category such as Wine, or Street Food tours and many more. These are the benefits they offer tour operators.

  1. Free sign-up: Joining their marketplace is simple and quick. All you need are your company details; contact details and the types of tours you offer. Listing your drink and food experiences is free.
  2. Assisting set-up: Once you have been approved and agreed which tours & experiences you would like to list a member of their support team will personally assist you to upload your listings for free.
  3. More Bookings: Travelers browsing through tabl. are passionate about food and drink experiences. Getting listed helps you reach the right customers and market your tour, experiences or activity to thousands of people and bring you to new customers.

Things to remember

Tabl differentiates itself from many other marketplaces at it focuses on food and drink experiences and activities. They give travelers who have a passion for food and drinks the chance to find great food scenes and the best culinary hotspots worldwide. Before you join them, there are a few things you should take into account.

  • Variable commission rate: The commission rate is negotiable and will be discussed with your designated support agent before your products get uploaded.
  • Payment: once the experience has been fulfilled by the client, you will also need to send them an invoice. Soon after that, you will receive your payment, minus the commission.
  • Professional listings: Your products will get uploaded by their support team and changes, such as in product prices, have to be done by their team. You can’t upload and delete your products and will always need to inform and discuss changes with them.

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