Sell on Project Expedition with Tashi

Sell on Project Expedition with Tashi

August 10, 2020

What is Project Expedition

Project Expedition was founded in 2015 in NY. The Online travel agency sells day-tours, shore excursions, transfers, and multi-day trips worldwide.

Experiences range from sightseeing in Paris to bungee jumping in South Africa, food tasting tours in Italy, and even multi-day trips through South America. Tourists can choose from more than 8,000 activities and experiences to do with competitive prices and superior customer service. Additionally, all their experiences are run by local tour operators that have been handpicked and verified by them.

Why sell on Project Expedition

Being listed on as many suitable OTA’s as possible will increase your visibility. Furthermore, if your website is not well developed OTA’s like Project Expedition give you the much-needed access to potential customers. These are the most important benefits they offer tour operators:

  1. Free Sign-up: You can list your products for free and you’ll just pay 10% commission if they sell your products.
  2. Increase your brand awareness: Once you’re listed on their platform you can access and control your own platform and you can also promote your brand by adding your logo on your tours!
  3. Wider audience: Your products will not only be sold through their website but also through other travel agents partnering with Project Expedition.

Things to remember

Project Expedition has partners all over the world, shaping a big tourism service platform, and without a doubt, they offer great benefits to tour operators across the world. Before you fill in their registration form, we have three things you should bear in mind.

  1. They are new online resellers: There isn’t much data when it comes to their website traffic and their sales. So, it is difficult to forecast how much your booking will increase once you’re listed on them.
  2. Payment: Project Expedition works with Transferwise. This means, that once they receive the customer’s payment, they hold it until the tour has been successfully completed. Only when it has, they send the final profit - minus their commission - to you.
  3. Target audience: Project Expedition offers their website in English only and the currencies they sell in are USD, AUD, CAD, EUR and GBP, which means that they mostly sell their tours to English native speaking countries.

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