Sell on ItalyXP with Tashi

Sell on ItalyXP with Tashi

August 10, 2020

What is ItalyXP

Are you a local tour operator in Italy and want to show the charm of Italy? If you answered with yes, then ItalyXP is just right for you!

ItalyXP was established in 2014 and is an online marketplace for tours and activities in Italy by local tour operators. They strongly believe that nobody can advise customers better about Italy than Italians. They only offer a few handpicked activities helping foreign tourists discover the hidden sides of Italy. They avoid mass tourism and big crowds and instead focus on the Italian culture, nature, sports and culinary delights.

Why sell on ItalyXP

Not every Italian business might be suitable for ItalyXP. They pick their partners carefully under the terms & conditions that they've set. They only work with local, professional suppliers and offer their visitors a simplified experience while browsing and booking activities.

We've listed a couple of points that are important to acknowledge.

  1. High competition: One of the consequences of listing only local Italian tour operators is a marketplace filled with saturated and repetitive experiences. This means that you need to stand out and to make sure to offer the best quality possible for each experience.
  2. Good reviews: On Tripadvisor they have 400 positive reviews, giving them an overall of 4,5 stars. This is a good sign of them being trustworthy as it shows that they are delivering good services and keep their promise to show Italy's authentic, more hidden sides.
  3. More bookings: Like any other online marketplace the main attractive feature of ItalyXP is that they'll present your experiences to a larger group of people. According to CrunchBase, ItalyXP has around 5.000 monthly visitors on its website. So getting listed for you means that you’ll definitely increase your visibility online.

Things to remember

ItalyXP offers an easy-to-use system for tourists and tour operators. Before you go ahead and sign up, here are three things you should take into consideration:

  • Package Tours: ItalyXP is currently transforming into a travel consultancy aiming to provide travelers with a complete package including accommodation, transportation and activities. Therefore, it is important to discuss beforehand if you want to sell separate activities or pre-packaged trips through them.
  • Immediate confirmation: You’re allowed to set different confirmation rules, however, they prefer and advertise that travelers receive an immediate confirmation once they’ve made a booking with you. This might mean for you that you can’t list all of your activities

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