Sell on Holiday Senses with Tashi

Sell on Holiday Senses with Tashi

August 10, 2020

What is Holiday Senses

Holiday Senses is based in Lisbon, Portugal and was founded in 2018. The fairly new online marketplace focuses on selling activities in the south of Europe. They want to offer activities and experiences that take travelers out of their comfort zone and therefore call their products “sensations”. They look for thrilling and new kinds of experiences to add to their website that gives travelers an unforgettable, or rather a sensational holiday.

Their activities are sorted in region/country, but also in standard, private and premium sensations. In their standard sensation travelers simply book an experience to enjoy with others. Private sensations mean that travelers can book a private tour. The Premium sensations are for travelers that can’t or don’t want to afford a private sensation. They can select a number of participants they allow to join them, meaning that their experience is more private than a standard sensation but cheaper than a private sensation.

Why sell on Holiday Senses

Holiday Senses is a new online marketplace. Therefore, there isn’t much data out there just yet. However, they promise on their website to boost your sales by introducing and selling your products to new customers worldwide.

  1. Easy sign-up: There is no registration fee and becoming an experience-supplier for Holiday Senses is quick and easy and can be done in a few simple steps. They require you to register as a user and
  2. Partner Area: Once your products are on their marketplace, you can easily access and administer your business data and products in the partner area and check the complete pipeline of experiences that are in any stage of interaction with you. From reservation until paid or cancelled.
  3. Full control: You can only have one user managing your products on their marketplace, however, you have full control over your product information, images and bookings.

Things to remember

Although anyone can sign up, not every tour operator might be suitable for this online marketplace, as they pick their partners carefully under the terms and conditions they have set. So, before you sign up, here a couple of things that are important to acknowledge before you do so.

  • South Europe: Holiday Senses only sells activities and experiences that take place in the south of Europe. It is therefore necessary that your tours and activities are based in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic or Croatia.
  • Getting feedback: The marketplace has a review system which allows customers to give feedback to your products. This can help you improve your products and help you can get more insight into your customer needs
  • Pre-Reservation: Before any traveller can book your experiences, it is necessary that you accept the pre-reservation made by the traveler within at least 72 hours. This means that, without your approval, travelers can’t book their experiences through Holiday Senses directly.

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