Sell your experiences on TourRadar with Tashi

Sell your experiences on TourRadar with Tashi

April 3, 2020
Sell your experiences on TourRadar with Tashi

What is TourRadar?

TourRadar is a travel website and online marketplace that offers a technology-based marketing platform for tour operators that offer multi-day experiences. Made up of an inquisitive team of creative problem solvers, tech-savvy people, and passionate travelers, this OTA strives to bring life-changing touring experiences to loyal customers in the whole world.

Launched in 2010, TourRadar's vision is to connect tourists on life-enriching travel experiences conducted by a simple-to-use platform that provides users with everything they need to plan and book their vacations. With 6 different traveling styles available to choose from they have a team of travel experts working from 3 different continents providing local support to travelers in a timely fashion.

Why sell on TourRadar

Experienced tour operators can apply to join their Global Online Marketplace and Distribution System (GDS) and start taking advantage of their most-appealing benefits. TourRadar is on the mission of ensuring that any time-wasting difficulties of tour booking are significantly reduced for both travelers and tour operators. The top pros of this online travel agency include:

  1. Large marketplace: As it aims to become a one-stop-shop for tour bookings, this service platform for the multi-day tour industry works with over 1,000 tour operators, regardless of how small or big their business is. Upon approval, your business gets the chance to get recognized on a global scale.
  2. Entry to contests: By joining their platform, TourRadar will allow you to enter the Tour and Guide of the Year Contests, which is a wonderful award opportunity that your business could showcase. Different awards take place every year to celebrate the top performers of the industry, this will be exciting news to the tours operators that go the extra mile.
  3. Free sign-up: Filling in the form to apply for an account with TourRadar won’t take long if you have the right information at hand. To speed up the setup process, they only reply to requests from tour operators that have passed the initial screening test with no trouble. So, take your time!
  4. Worldwide distribution: Listing your tours and activities on the Marketplace will increase your overall distribution significantly. With tours in Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America, Australia & NZ, and Africa your destinations can become a part of over thousands of multi-day experiences that match every type of traveler.
  5. Direct connection with customers: One of the most attractive features we stumbled upon is that they utilize B2C connections, allowing tour operators to receive booking and inquiries in a direct manner through their platform. The team of travel experts at TourRadar monitors it at all times.

    Things to remember

    Although anyone can sign up, not every business might be suitable for this OTA as they pick their partners meticulously under the terms & conditions that they've set. Up next, we'll review a few of the things that you should know before clicking the "Apply Now" button:

    • Multiple day group tours only: This online travel agency only works with professional tour operators running multi-day group tours with ready-to-book itineraries. Hence, not every type of tour operator can sign up. The odds of getting approved (or even getting considered) will rise if you meet these requirements.
    • Careful selection process: One of the factors they take the most pride in is how they offer travelers the most excellent selection on destinations all over the world. With a strict screening process, they make sure of offering the best quality possible for each multi-day experience. After each tour, they also monitor customer satisfaction through reviews.
    • Standard service fee payable per booking: The platform is completely free to use and tour operators will only pay a commission once a booking has been successful. After they confirm that your application has been approved, their dedicated team will guide you through commission details, invoicing, and more. TourRadar handles the entire payment process.

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